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About Your Legal Marketing Team

  • Sean Mulcahy, Owner of Cedar Creek MarketingSean Mulcahy is a Virtual Marketing Director with Cedar Creek Marketing, a company he and his wife founded to help lawyers implement results-driven marketing programs.

    Since 1999, Sean has worked closely with lawyers, including those who specialize in personal injury and medical malpractice, criminal defense, family law, Social Security Disability, maritime law and others.  While he's based in southern New Jersey, Sean's clients can be found around the country.  By hiring Sean, lawyers enjoy the results of working with a seasoned marketing professional without the hassles of hiring an in-house marketing director or dealing with the frustrations and wasted time of trying to implement marketing programs on their own.

    Sean specializes in:

    Marketing Project Management -- including newsletters, books, website launches, ad campaigns
    Copywriting -- especially lead-generating ads, direct mail letters and e-mails
    Content Writing -- articles, blog posts, frequently asked questions (FAQs), web pages, reports, books
    Graphic Design Work -- ads, brochures, reports, logos, sales letters
    Social Media -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AVVO

    Sean is also the author of the special report on lawyer marketing, The 5 Critical Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Law Firm's Marketing Plan.