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Are newsletters a good law firm marketing tool?


A: Without question.  In fact, a well-crafted, well-written newsletter can be one of the most effective marketing tools for a law firm and can generate a tremendous return on investment.  Virginia personal injury and medical malpractice attorney, Ben Glass, has espoused the value and impact of his newsletter for many years on his practice.

Some keys for an effective newsletter:

  • Make it interesting -- people don't want to see a bunch of legal terms and a recap of the latest court cases in your area. Write about things that impact people or that pique their interest.
  • Don't make it all about the firm -- too many lawyers make the mistake of using their newsletter as a billboard for the firm. Most people just don't care. Give them tips and useful information or focus on interesting stories about individual attorneys and their lives outside of the firm.
  • Mail a hard copy of the newsletter (don't simply rely on sending an email newsletter) -- put it this way, there's a reason why email is free. Most people don't open email newsletters, and even if they do, they usually won't read the whole thing. It's just the opposite with a newsletter that arrives in someone's mailbox (the physical one, not the virtual one!).
  • Use a live, first-class stamp -- there is a much better chance that your mail will arrive intact, undamaged and in a reasonable amount of time using a live, first-class stamp. The same can't be said if you send your newsletters bulk.
  • Send your newsletter consistently, preferably each month -- people will get used to expecting your newsletter and look forward to it if you stick to a consistent schedule. The most effective schedule typically is once a month, but every other month or even once a quarter certainly is better than nothing.


For more information about the importance of newsletters and tips for sending one out, please request a copy of our free report, The 5 Critical Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Law Firm's Marketing Plan.

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