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Should I still be using the Yellow Pages?


A: We have to give a qualified yes on this question.  As with any marketing medium, an ad will only be as effective as the message it conveys.  Far too many lawyers run double truck ads in the Yellow books that simply show their logo, their picture and a generic listing of their practice areas and their location(s).  By and large, this approach is a huge waste of money and does nothing to differentiate a firm or generate phone calls (which is why you are running ads in the first place, right?).

Law firms should only be using the Yellow Pages if they are running ads designed to attract attention with a good headline, a specific call to action (with a unique phone number and/or web address for tracking purposes) and an offer for free information such as a book or report.  For more information on Yellow Pages advertising, please request a free copy of our special report, The 5 Critical Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Law Firm's Marketing Plan.

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