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What law firm marketing services does Cedar Creek Marketing offer?



Cedar Creek Marketing offers a variety of law firm marketing services to help attorneys attract new clients and cases to build their businesses.  Some of our more popular services include:

  • Marketing project management -- newsletters, books, websites, ad campaigns
  • Content writing -- articles, blog posts, FAQs, web pages
  • Copywriting -- direct mail, e-mail campaigns
  • Graphic design work -- ads, brochures, reports, logos, sales letters
  • Market research
  • Management of social media pages -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AVVO
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Public relations


Have a question about a service you don't see listed here? Simply contact us and ask. Chances are, even if we can't help you, we'll be able to refer you to someone who can.

We offer customized marketing approaches to firms for the simple fact that each firm is at a different place

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