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Free Books and Reports are Critical Tools for Effective Law Firm Marketing

One of the critical marketing mistakes lawyers make is failing to differentiate or set themselves apart from their competitors, leading to them being lumped in with every other attorney.

Americans are simply inundated with marketing and advertising messages every day.  In fact, some studies suggest that each of us is subjected to 3,000 to 5,000 advertisements every day, and nearly all of the ads are filled with the same tired information, the same boasts and the same lists of features and benefits. (Think about this the next time you hear the outrageously loud car commercials that implore you to "buy from us because we have the best selection, the best warranty and 0% financing".)

Law firm marketing is no different.  Every firm seems to "care about you" or "will fight for you" without offering anything of real substance in its messages.

The best way to break free from the boring, ineffective marketing pack is to offer an information premium in all of your ads, no matter what media you choose.  What's an information premium?  It's simply an item that contains valuable information or guidance that can be given to your prospective clients free of charge.  You're probably saying, "Well, what's in it for me?" since you're used to traditional advertising that extols your virtues and encourages people to use your services (just like all of your competitors are doing).

In this case, even though you're giving away your information premium for free, you are getting something of enormous value in return: your prospect's address and contact information. It is absolutely essential to build up your list of prospects, and an information premium is the best way to accomplish this.

Some of the different types of information premiums are books, reports, newsletters, white papers, or even simple checklists.  For instance, an attorney might give away a short book on mistakes to avoid if you've had an accident or how to choose the right lawyer for your case.  Other examples might be a report on worker's compensation or a checklist on what to do if you're in an auto accident.   

The benefits of giving away an information premium, especially a book, are huge.  An information premium:

  1. Positions you as an expert within your practice niche and brings prestige.
  2. Clearly and positively differentiates you from your competitors.
  3. Enables you to build your prospect list.
  4. Engenders good will and trust from the recipients.
  5. Helps you educate your prospects and set expectations.

One final note about books: because of advances in technology, books are easier than ever to produce and affordable for even small firms. You can look at companies such as Word Association Publishers for more information on how the process works and how to get started.  In addition, Cedar Creek Marketing can help with writing or managing your law firm book project.

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