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Marketing Project Management

It's an escapable truth: the best law firm marketing plans in the world won't do a practice any good if the plans never get implemented.  And for many firms, getting their marketing projects off the ground can be a huge problem, especially for solo practitioners and small firms.

If you are a lawyer struggling to get your marketing done and don't want to go through the hassle and expense of an in-house marketing director, Cedar Creek Marketing may be your answer. Request your free copy of our special report, The 5 Critical Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Law Firm's Marketing Plan, to get a better feel for our philosophy and marketing approach, or call us at 1-609-388-4958 for a free consultation.


Content / Copywriting

Nowadays, it is more important than ever for attorneys to produce quality content aimed at attracting the attention of prospects who have the potential to turn into quality cases.

Graphic Design

A key component of effective law firm marketing is to produce marketing pieces that are professional, well-designed and consistent, no matter how or where they'll be used.

Unfortunately, though, many small and solo law firms struggle to design quality marketing items, and more often than not, end up "just throwing something together" in the office or paying exorbitant amounts to advertising agencies to generate ads or custom marketing pieces.