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The Secret Weapons for Lawyers in Search of Good Prospects and Quality Cases

The Secret Weapons for Lawyers in Search of Good Prospects and Quality Cases


Nowadays, it is more important than ever for attorneys to produce quality content aimed at attracting the attention of prospects who have the potential to turn into quality cases.

Content has become more and more critical because the game has changed.  It's that simple.  Gone are the days when an attorney could graduate from law school, hang his or her shingle, buy an ad in the Yellow Pages and then wait for the phone to ring for new cases.

Now, attorneys have to have an effective web marketing strategy to compete, which includes adding fresh, relevant content to their websites, blogs and social media pages.  To take it one step further, content is critical because Google is king of the online world and Google loves content.

But to be effective, content has to be written for the intended audience.  It has to resonate with people and it has to provide answers to the questions they have.  What content can't do is serve as a walking billboard for attorneys or their firms.  People want help for the problems they are up against; they really aren't interested that a firm will work hard for them or that they will care for them.  Heck, every law firm in the United States can probably say that.

Instead, content should be used to build trust and credibility.  Once that is established, then it's time for the firm to tell its story.

The team at Cedar Creek Marketing produces compelling and topical content for a range of attorneys, including personal injury lawyers, medical malpractice lawyers, criminal defense and DUI lawyers, Social Security Disability lawyers and others.

Copywriting - Ads, Direct Mail, Web Pages

Just like informational content posted on a website, any copywriting a law firm produces (copy in ads, direct mail letters or on certain web pages) needs to be tailored in a certain manner.  Ad copy has to be aimed at the audience and is most effective when it compels them to take action.  It needs to be about them - not about the firm.

Effective copywriting also needs to be unique in order to make a law firm stand out.  When you consider that the average American is bombarded with 3,000 to 5,000 advertising messages a day, your message better be different or it won't stand a chance of being noticed.

Cedar Creek Marketing works with law firms to help them produce copywriting that generates interest, provokes prospective clients to take action and delivers results.

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